Native ads overview

Native ads are online ads that match the look and feel of publisher content. They appear as part of the typical browsing experience and engage the viewer with relevant ads that flow into the surrounding content, allowing publishers to render ads that are seamless with content.

How native ads work with Ad Exchange

The native ads solution for Ad Exchange provides desktop web, mobile web, mobile app, and video inventory across thousands of publishers that can be monetized at scale via the template ad approach. You provide the image, text, or video assets making them available for rendering in one or both native publisher formats.

This section describes how native ads for apps work with Ad Exchange. Native ads are also available for mobile web and desktop.

  1. A website, mobile website or mobile app makes a native ad call to Ad Exchange, specifying one or both native ad formats, and the desired fields.
  2. Ad Exchange sends buyers an RTB bid request containing a list of the fields requested by the website, mobile website or mobile app.
  3. Interested buyers respond with the requested fields.
  4. Ad Exchange runs an auction to select the winning bid and sends the buyer's supplied creative assets to the publisher.
  5. Ad Exchange sends the assets from the winning bid to the publisher.
  6. The publisher assembles the assets into a native ad and styles them to fit the content of the website or app.

Learn more about the native ad formats available with Ad Exchange, or for detailed developer documentation, see the Ad Exchange Real-Time Bidding (RTB) Protocol.

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