Debug bidder issues using RTB Breakout

You can debug implementation issues with your bidder for the top ten filtered bid reasons or issues using RTB Breakout. The bidding Troubleshooter displays a sampling of actual bid requests and the corresponding filtered response.

Each sample bid request and response pair displays additional information, including creative ID, account ID, and time of the bidding activity, to help you debug and correct bidding issues.

To view a sampling of your filtered bidding activity:

  1. While logged into your Authorized Buyers account, select the Troubleshooting tab.
  2. Click RTB Breakout from the menu.
  3. (Optional) Click Filter to select a category to search. You can choose to filter by creative ID, account, format, publisher, or a particular preferred deal or private auction.
  4. Locate the "Filtered bids" section and click View bid samples. A sample bid request is shown for an actual filtered bid.
  5. Click Bid response to see the response.
Bidding activity data automatically updates upon filter selection, and defaults to data collected today. To view data for a different time period, click and edit the date. You can choose to view data from today, yesterday, the last 7 days, the last 30 days, or select a custom date range.

If you are filtering by creative ID, preferred deal, or private auction, you must first select the account that was used for the creative, preferred deal, or private auction.

Samples are available for the top ten filtering reasons or issues and categorized as such.* In most cases, you can see additional bid request and bid response samples by clicking the next or back options , or samples for other reasons or issues by selecting the reason from the drop-down menu.

* Certain bid filtering reasons may not currently have samples available, depending on the commonality and newness of the filter.

See more information about RTB Breakout data.

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