View creative compliance status using the Creative Validator

You can view the compliance status of your ads and get detailed information on which, if any, 4th-party calls are not secure using the Creative Validator.

The validator accepts display ad tags (HTML or JavaScript) and video ad tags (VAST URL or VAST XML). Validation of fourth-party calls from Flash are not supported.

To view creative compliance status:

  1. Sign in to your Authorized Buyers account at
  2. Select the "Bidding" tab and click Creative Validator from the left navigation menu.
  3. Copy and paste your ad tag into the tool.
  4. Click Scan creative and view the result.

Results display the compliance status of your creative. If any of the calls are determined to be non-secure, contact the appropriate advertiser or partner to obtain a secure version of the tag.

Possible compliance results

Compliant: The tool did not detect any non-secure calls.

Partial: Some of the calls detected were secure, but others were non-secure.

Non-compliant: All of the calls detected were non-secure.

The scan performed with the Creative Validator is an abridged version of a complete SSL scan, used to instantly display SSL compliance. Because of the expedited nature of this scan, there may be an occasional variance in compliance results.

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