View creative approval status

Learn about creative disapproval

You can view the status of your creative approvals and get detailed information on why a creative was disapproved by going to Creatives.

Troubleshoot disapproved ads

The Creatives section is the first stop in troubleshooting your disapproved creatives. You can also view a list of common disapproval reasons, including troubleshooting steps. Learn more about troubleshooting disapproved ads.

To view creative approval status:

  1. Sign in to Authorized Buyers.

  2. Click Troubleshooting.
  3. Click Creatives from the menu options. You can explore all creatives, regardless of approval status in the list that appears.
  4. (Optional) To filter the list, click Add Filter and select from the available options:
    • Status: Select an option to filter the list of creatives by approval status, or those that have not yet been checked.
    • Creative ID: Enter the buyer creative ID to view a specific creative.

The list view displays information that is helpful to you, at a glance, including buyer creative ID, click-through URLs, status, and filtered bid count. 

To view more information on any individual creative, click the buyer creative ID. Here you can see all information related to the creative, including any disapproval reasons or applicable bid filter count and reasons.

Information available about individual creatives

See the list below for a complete guide to the information available for individual creatives.

Type Description REST API
Buyer creative ID A buyer-specific ID identifying the creative in this ad.

Learn more
Agency The agency name and id for this creative.

Learn more
Declared advertisers The name of the company being advertised in the creative.

Learn more
Detected advertisers The name of the company being advertised in the creative.

Learn more
Snippet HTML The HTML snippet that displays the ad when inserted in the web page.
Learn more
Size Ad width and height in pixels.

Learn more
Status Creative serving status.

Learn more
Disapproval reasons The categorized reason for disapproval.

Learn more
Click through URLs The set of destination URLs for the snippet.

Learn more
Declared attributes List of buyer selectable attributes for the ads that may be shown from this snippet. Attributes are listed in the buyer-declarable-creative-attributes.txt file. Learn more
Filtering count / reasons The filtering reasons for the creative and number of times the creative was filtered for the status. The count is aggregated across all publishers on the exchange. Learn more
Product categories Detected product categories, if any. Categories are listed in the ad-product-categories.txt file.
Learn more
Detected restricted categories All restricted categories for the ads that may be shown from this snippet. Restricted categories are listed in the ad-restricted-categories.txt file. Learn more
Detected sensitive categories Detected sensitive categories, if any. Categories are listed in the ad-sensitive-categories.txt file.
Learn more
Declared vendor technologies List of vendor technologies for ads that may be shown from this snippet. Vendor technologies are listed in the vendors.txt file.
Learn more

Export a list of creatives and their status

You can export a CSV file containing the creatives displayed in your list, including the creative ID, status, and filtered count. To export the list, click Export.

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