View bidding activity with RTB Breakout

Review your real-time bidding activity and a detailed breakout of your filtered bids using RTB Breakout. This tool displays bid responses that are being filtered and impressions lost due to issues that may be actionable by you.

Client users with access to your Authorized Buyers account can access RTB Breakout. These users see the non-bidder version of this tool, but only have access to data for deals with which they are associated. Learn more

View RTB activity

  1. Sign in to Authorized Buyers.

  2. Navigate to Troubleshooting and then RTB Breakout.
  3. Select the date range you want to review or view activity under the default Real-time option.
  4. Add filters to narrow the scope of activity you want to view.

Bidding activity automatically updates upon filter or date range selection. Date ranges include today, yesterday, the last 7 days, the last 30 days. The Real-time option allows you to view streaming activity.

in real-time (default), or select a custom date range.

Filter RTB activity

Filters help narrow the scope of activity you want to view. For instance, you may want to troubleshoot issues with a specific publisher or have issues with a specific creative. Applying filters can retrieve just the information you need.

Available filters:

  • Account: Select an account
  • Creative ID: Enter creative ID
  • Deal ID: Enter deal ID
  • Environment: Choose either web or app
  • Format: Choose from native display, native video, non-native display, and non-native video
  • Platform: Choose from desktop, tablet, and mobile
  • Transaction type: Choose from Open Auction, Private Auction, Preferred Deal, Programmatic Guaranteed or Auction Packages
  • Publisher: Search by publisher name or publisher ID

View real-time bid samples

See more information about RTB Breakout data.

  1. Sign in to Authorized Buyers.

  2. Click Troubleshooting and then RTB Breakout.
  3. Select a "Reason or issue" under one of the following sections:

    • "Bid response errors"

    • "Responses without applicable bids"

    • "Filtered bids"

  4. If your timeframe is not set to Real-time, click Show Real-Time Bid Samples.

  5. Click the arrows in the bottom right to view different bid samples.

  6. (Optional) Click Copy Request or Copy Response to add the JSON request or response to your clipboard.

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