Types of client access permissions

Learn how to set up and use access permissions

Clients with access to your Authorized Buyers account are assigned permissions, which control how they appear to publishers in Marketplace and what they can do. All clients with access permissions are visible to publishers and can receive direct offers and proposals. They can view all open offers, and offers addressed directly to them. They cannot view direct offers addressed only to you, or offers addressed to other clients.

Access permissions are set up per client, so all users associated with the client have the same permissions. All associated users can view available products and publisher profiles in Marketplace and have access to troubleshooting tools and reporting functionality, but only for deals with which they are currently associated.

Create, view or edit permissions

  1. Sign in to Authorized Buyers.

  2. Click admin Admin and then Clients.
  • To view or edit permissions for a current client, click a client's name in the table.
  • To set up a new client, click "New client" and enter their name into the "Primary name" field.

The following permissions are available:

Visible to publishers

Client is visible to publishers in Marketplace and appears as associated with your account. Publishers can send deal offers and proposals to this client.

Can negotiate deals

Users associated with this client can respond to deal offers and proposals sent to them by publishers. They can also initiate deal proposals of their own.

Can approve deals

Users associated with this client can approve eligible deals on your behalf. Some deals may still explicitly require seller finalization. If this box is not checked, you will need to log in to manually approve each of their deals.


Learn how to create and manage clients and client users.

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