Real-time bidding overview

Real-time bidding (RTB) is a server-to-server integration option for network buyers that allows networks to evaluate and bid on each available impression. It is available to any Ad Exchange buyer that has its own ad server or bid engine. No additional contract is required, but terms of use are referenced in the Ad Exchange buyer contract.

Get started with real-time bidding

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With real-time bidding, your network can receive and review pre-filtered inventory to establish and execute bids. Once your bidder is developed, here's what happens:

Specify the inventory you would like to receive by creating a pretargeting configuration
  • Filtered bid requests are sent based on the pretargeting configuration. These requests specify targeting criteria, such as day parting, language, geographical region, etc.
  • You specify the maximum number of requests (queries per second) that your system can receive.
Ad Exchange passes pre-filtered ad call parameters to your system

The following parameters are passed to your system:

  • HTTP header with referrer URL (for branded sites) or site IDs (for anonymous sites)
  • Targeting information, such as geo and vertical
  • Truncated user IP address (IPV4 and IPV6)
  • Encrypted user cookie ID
  • Ad unit restrictions, such as restricted advertisers, creative types or product verticals
Your system analyzes the ad call, layers additional targeting data, and submits your bid

If submitted, the following is included in the bid:

  • CPM bid
  • Creative redirect or Google-hosted creative ID

If you are a developer working on a real-time bidder, you can find more information in Real-time bidding for developers.

For detailed developer documentation, see the Ad Exchange Real-Time Bidding (RTB) Protocol.


Google respects the data entrusted by Ad Exchange publishers. As a buyer using a real-time bidder, you are bound by the real-time bidder section of the buyer policies.

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