Monitor product status

Get real-time updates about product issues

Use the Ads Status Dashboard (ASD) to get real-time updates about product outages or service disruptions for Google Ads products.


Understand the dashboard

  • All times are shown in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) 
  • The first column on the left shows all products that are supported 
  • The last column on the right shows the current service status for each product
  • The dated columns in between contain icons indicating historical statuses for the dates shown. For example, if you see an orange status icon in the column dated May 1, this indicates a service disruption on that date for the product in that row.

The following table shows more information about the status icons:

Available The product is fully available with no known disruptions
   Service information Product or service notification update
Service disruption Major features in the product are unavailable or affected by a known issue
Service outage The product is inaccessible to all users
  • To see related incident details, click a status icon
  • To see historical incident details, click "View history"
  • To subscribe to atom feeds, click "RSS Feed" at the bottom of the page
The legacy RSS feed URL will automatically redirect to the new atom feed links. If you encounter any errors in your RSS feed reader due to this transition, try resubscribing

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