View publisher profiles

As a buyer on the Ad Exchange, you can view profiles for the publishers displaying products in the Marketplace. Publisher profiles help you learn about publisher performance, and find frequently needed information, quickly and easily.

Publisher profiles contain information about publishers, including the type of business they're in, what's unique about their business, and what you will achieve by partnering with them. The profiles also contain contact details specific to both direct reservation and programmatic deals.

Publisher profile highlights

  • Publisher performance details: The "Performance" section includes publisher account generated information, including unique page views and impressions from the last week, and audience information like geography, vertical, gender, age, and devices. Some publishers may include additional audience information.

  • Publisher inventory details: The "Marketplace Insights" section includes details about the publisher's inventory, like product types, ad sizes, inventory segments (e.g. run of site, run of network, above-the-fold, etc.), as detected by Ad Exchange.

View a publisher profile

To view the publisher profile from the marketplace, click View profile or the publisher logo in the list of available publishers.

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