View bidding metrics with RTB graphs

Use RTB graphs to view and monitor bidding metrics, such as quotas, inventory matches, bid requests, successful bid responses, and errors.

This feature allows you to identify problematic changes to bidder configurations through comparison of metrics over time.

View and configure RTB graphs

  1. Sign in to Authorized Buyers.

  2. Click Troubleshooting and then Bidding health.
  3.  (Optional)  Click the trading location menu to display specific locations. All locations is selected and displayed by default. Some metrics may not be available when filtering for a specific trading location.
  4.  (Optional)  View an expanded date range by clicking the date menu. The graph will display the last 7 days, by default.

The effected graphs will refresh automatically with any change to configurations.

RTB Bidder Health graph

  1. Select and deselect which metrics are displayed at the right of the "Bidder Health" graph.
  2.  (Optional)  You can choose between "Linear Axis Scale" or Logarithmic Axis Scale" by selecting the dropdown menu in the top right.

Learn more about Bidder Health metrics

The following metrics are shown in events per second:

Metric Definition
Available impressions

The total number of impressions on the exchange.

Note: May not be available when filtering by certain trading locations.

Configured quota The maximum number of callouts per second your bidder is configured to receive, as set by your account team or via the REST API. Learn more

Spend-based quota

The number of callouts per second that we will attempt to send your bidder based on your last 7 day spend.

Inventory matches The number of potential queries, based on your pretargeting settings. Learn more
Bid requests The number of bid requests sent to your bidder. The number of bid requests may be less than inventory matches, because of quota limits or callout rates below 100%. Learn more
Successful responses The number of properly formed bid responses received by our servers within the timeout.
Bids The number of bid responses with an ad.
Bids in Auction The number of unfiltered bids that have entered the auction.
Auctions won The number of auctions won by your bidder.
Ad Impressions

The total number of times an ad was displayed.

Measurable impressions The number of ad impressions measured for viewability.
Viewable impressions

The number of viewable impressions.

Display ads are considered viewable when at least 50% of the ad is visible for at least 1 second. Video ads are considered viewable when at least 50% of the ad is visible while the video is playing for at least 2 consecutive seconds. Only ads measured for viewability can be considered viewable.

Error throttling

The number of callouts per second that matched the bidder's pretargeting settings, but were not sent as bid requests to the bidder.

This is triggered when more than 15% of the responses are invalid or timed out. If triggered, it will decrease the amount of callouts until either the error rate is less than 15%, or the number of bid requests goes down to some minimal amount of callouts. Learn more

Web Inventory Hosted Matches Rates graph

In the card titled "Web Inventory Hosted Matches Rates," you can choose to filter by browser and device by selecting the dropdown menus. Learn more

Learn more about Web Inventory Hosted Match Rates metrics

The following metrics are shown as a percentage of the total eligible web inventory queries:

Metric Definition
Bidder declined match The percentage of queries containing a user who the bidder declined an opportunity to match with.
Blocked by privacy constraints

The targeting information cannot be exposed to the bidder due to user or publisher privacy controls.

No match found No hosted match entry found.
Match data present A hosted match was successfully performed.

Latency graph

The Latency graph shows latency percentiles of bid responses over a period of time. Only valid HTTP responses are included. All values are shown in milliseconds. Hovering over the chart will show the distribution at a given point in time.

 (Optional) You can choose to filter by endpoints by selecting the dropdown menu. The default setting is "All endpoints."

Learn more about Latency metrics

The following metrics are shown in milliseconds:

Metric Definition
X% of your bid responses

The latency (in milliseconds) which is larger than X% of your valid responses.

Hover over the graph for a detailed view of latency distribution.

Timeout is between 120ms to 300ms, use the appropriate bid request signal to check on a per query basis.

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