Display Planner overview

Display Planner is a tool to help you plan your ad campaigns from the ground up.

Based on the interests of your customers or a landing page, Display Planner generates targeting ideas along with inventory estimates. You can then save your plan directly to your Authorized Buyers account as a new campaign.

Why use Display Planner

  • Ideas to help you get started. Display Planner provides you with sites, apps, remarketing lists and more help you plan your campaign.
  • Impression estimates and historical costs. Impression and cost estimates show how your plan may perform based on past results.
  • A plan you can share. One-click download makes it easy to export your plan and share it with clients and colleagues.

How to plan your Display campaign

  1. Click the Tools and Analysis tab and select Display Planner.
  2. On the Display Planner start page, enter one or more of the following:
    1. Keywords, categories, or sites that fit your brand or advertiser.
    2. The landing page.
    3. Pick a location and language.
  3. Click Get ideas. You’ll see ideas based on the details you’ve provided, along with impression and cost estimates.
    1. Available network inventory: Near the top of Display Planner, you’ll get an overview of your ad campaign’s reach by cookies and ad impressions – assuming your campaign has an unlimited budget. You’ll also see a breakdown of these impressions and cookies by age and gender.
    2. Ideas: In the Individual targeting ideas tab, you’ll find topic, placement, and remarketing ideas. Close by in the Ad group ideas tab, these targeting ideas have been put in ready-made ad groups that you can add directly to your plan.
    3. Placements: When you click on the Placements tab, you'll see additional options to narrow your results by Sites, Mobile apps, or Videos.
    4. Click here to understand Display Planner estimates and statistics listed on the right, including Hist. CPM and Impr. / wk.
  4. To add targeting criteria or ad groups to your plan, hover over the appropriate row and click the blue arrow on the right: blue chevron. Your criteria and ad groups will appear in the right-hand panel under "Your plan".
    1. Ad group ideas: If there are some targeting ideas you don’t want in your ready-made ad group ideas, remove them by clicking the ad group under "Your plan" and then clicking "x" next to the targeting idea you want to delete.
    2. Targeting ideas: Adding targeting ideas creates a draft ad group that you can continue to add ideas to (don’t forget to name your ad group). To create another draft ad group, simply click another targeting idea.
  5. Optional: refine your search by changing details at the top of Display Planner or adding filters in the left panel. If you do change details, be aware that you may be generating a whole new set of ideas. Details you change and filters you add are reflected in your "Available network inventory" and estimates.
  6. Click the Review plan button and inspect the review page that loads.
  7. Click Save to account to add the plan as paused ad groups to your account or the download icon Download icon to download it.

To get ideas that are useful and specific enough, fill in the details on the start page with a goal in mind just as you would when you normally set up your ad campaigns.

If you have a very specific goal – a campaign centered on advertising your top-selling product, for example – enter multiple details to narrow in on the most relevant ideas. To get a diverse set of ideas and explore what inventory is out there, enter fewer details.

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