Target mobile apps with IDFA or AAID

Learn the basics of using IDFA and AAID

Authorized Buyers supports passing the Identifier for Advertising (IDFA) or the Google Advertising ID (AAID) in mobile application inventory bid requests.

Identifier for Advertising (IDFA) for iOS devices

For users who have accepted an app's App Tracking Transparency (ATT) prompt, the iOS device provides an identifier that allows developers and marketers to track activity for advertising purposes. It allows developers and marketers to track activity for advertising purposes, including for targeting, frequency capping, and conversion attribution.

The IDFA has two key features:

  • It can be reset by the user at any time.
  • Users can opt out of IDFA powered remarketing by
            a. On older devices (pre-iOS 14.5), enabling a device setting called "Limit Ad Tracking" (LAT), which restricts advertisers from using the IDFA  for behavioral advertising*
            b. On new devices (iOS 14.5+), rejecting the ATT prompt

Learn more in the iOS Developer Library.

Google Advertising ID (AAID) for Android devices

Inventory bid requests from Android devices pass the AAID, which provides the same type of device-specific, unique, resettable ID for advertising as the IDFA. The ID for tablet devices with multiple users may also be unique per user.

All of the features, encryption and technical details for IDFA also apply to the advertising ID.

Bidder support for mobile identifiers

Authorized Buyers passes the identifier values in the mobile.encrypted_advertising_id field in the bid request. This field will contain either an IDFA or AAID value.

The value of AAID is always clear (unhashed), but IDFA can either be clear or hashed. If the bid request has a clear value, you can use the platform field to determine if it’s iOS or Android. Hashed IDFA values use the mobile.encrypted_hashed_idfa field, instead.

For detailed developer documentation, see the Authorized Buyers Real-Time Bidding (RTB) Protocol, the information on User Data Treatments, or learn how to decrypt the Advertising ID.

Publisher opt-out

If a publisher has opted out of all three data controls related to mobile in-app (data collection, remarketing, and interest-based targeting), the bid request will not include an identifier.

Learn more about blocking ads and publisher settings.

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