Private Auction FAQ

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What are the advantages of a Private Auction from a buyer's perspective?
  • Access to premium inventory not available on the Open Auction
  • Access to inventory before other buyers on the Open Auction 
How are Private Auctions different than Preferred Deals?

Preferred Deals:

Inventory sold through a Preferred Deal goes to the single participating buyer, as long as the buyer bids at or above the negotiated fixed price. If the buyer’s bid is above the fixed price, the buyer still pays only the fixed price.

Private Auctions:

The inventory clears to the highest net bidder who bids above the impression minimum, in the Private Auction (see more details on the auction).

Do I pay a fixed price in a Private Auction?

No, the buyer pays the bid price.

If none of the buyers in the Private Auction win the impression, does it flow through to the Open Auction?

Yes, unless the publisher has explicitly blocked all other buyers from seeing this inventory. A common practice is for publishers to exclude the inventory from the Open Auction. Buyers in the Private Auction do not have a second chance to purchase this inventory once it appears in the Open Auction.

Are advertiser-level Private Auctions available?

Yes. Publishers can specify multiple advertisers at the same or different price floors. Authorized Buyers may at its discretion also set price floors above the publisher’s minimum CPM specific to advertisers.

Can buyers initiate a Private Auction?

Publishers first reach out to buyers to offer a Private Auction. Or, a buyer may contact a publisher to start a negotiation.

How can I find all the publishers who participate in Preferred Deals, Private Auctions, and Open Auctions?

The list of publishers that participate in Preferred Deals or Private Auctions can be found by initiating a Preferred Deal. The dropdown list of publishers is the subset that have chosen to be discoverable.

Do buyers know they are part of a Private Auction?

Buyers are notified by email and in the left-hand navigation panel of the UI of any invitation to a Private Auction and must accept the proposal to participate in the Private Auction.

Am I able to access a publisher’s first-party data through a Private Auction?

Yes, this is available today with a limited number of publishers. Publishers can restrict a Private Auction to impressions that belong to a first party user list; impressions that are not on the first-party user list will take part in the open auction.

Can I buy video and mobile inventory through a Private Auction?

Yes, you can buy video or mobile inventory through a Private Auction. In order to find out which publishers are offering this type of inventory, you will need to reach out to the AdX Preferred Deals development representative.

How does dynamic allocation via Google Ad Manager affect the ability to serve in Private Auctions?

Private Auctions work like any other auction on Google Ad Manager. Google Ad Manager runs an auction and determines if the Private Auction bid is higher than the Google Ad Manager bid. If the Private Auction bid is higher, it will win and serve.

Is it possible to get updates or notifications anytime a buyer accepts a Private Auction?

Yes, you can set an alert if any action is taken on the deal. Navigate to the Private Auction settings and enter one or more email addresses in the Preferred email address for web property field.

A buyer has a deal specific to advertiser A. Can that buyer still bid on behalf of advertiser B?

Yes, the buyer may bid on behalf of advertiser B in the Open Auction only, as long as: A) the publisher has not blocked advertiser B either at the deal/auction level or for the branded impression and B) the buyer is not bidding for both advertiser A and B simultaneously.

How does a buyer stop their own Private Auction?

If the buyer wants to stop their own Private Auction deal only, and not any other buyer's deal, they can click Stop in the "Negotiations" tab of Authorized Buyers. After stopping the deal, the status changes from "Active" to "Completed" and the buyer no longer receives traffic. 

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