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Create a mobile ad campaign

This article refers to a legacy version of the Authorized Buyers interface.*

Beginning early 2016, the legacy interface will be deprecated and all non-RTB campaigns created in this platform will be turned off. If you're already using the new interface, you can find most of the new processes in the following:


Pretargeting: create and define pretargeting configurations
Hosted bidding: build and maintain campaigns
Reporting: create queries and run reports


* If you are not already using the new interface, contact your account team.

  1. Click the Campaigns tab.
  2. On the All online campaigns page, click the + New campaign button.
  3. Copy settings from an existing campaign or enter new settings:
    • Next to Load settings, click Existing campaigns and choose the desired campaign.
    • To enter new settings, follow the steps below.


    If you've been added to the Enhanced Campaigns beta, find out how to target mobile and tablet devices exclusively


  4. Enter a name for your mobile campaign.
  5. In the Cost and delivery section, enter a daily Budget. While this is per day, note that it represents your average spend over the month.
  6. Specify your Delivery method: choose Standard (default) or Accelerated.
  7. If you use real-time bidding, configure real-time bidding for the campaign.
  8. In the Scheduling section, you can enter start and end dates, and change the schedule.
  9. In the Who should see my ad section, you can change the Locations and Languages of your audience.


    Please note that mobile campaigns cannot target with greater granularity than the country level for users on a cellular connection. Users on a wireless connection can be targeted down to the DMA level. Learn about DMA targeting.


  10. In the Devices section, your campaign is set to show on all devices by default. To use legacy campaign features, click Let me choose.

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    Devices - Let me choose...

    1. Devices section
    2. Clicking Let me choose opens the options for device targeting:
    3. Deselect Desktop and laptop computers to target mobile devices only.
    4. We recommend you leave Mobile devices with full browsers and Tablets with full browsers selected for all mobile campaigns.
  11. (Optional) For advanced device targeting, click Advanced mobile and tablet options.

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    Mobile and tablet OS targeting

    1. Advanced mobile and tablet options
    2. Under Operating systems, click Let me choose to open options for targeting by mobile OS
    3. Click Add all to quickly add all versions of a mobile OS
    4. Click Remove to remove the OS from targeting
  12. Device models is set to All available devices by default. To target by device, click Let me choose.

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    Device models targeting

    1. Device models
    2. Click Let me choose to open options for targeting by mobile or tablet device
    3. Click Add all to quickly add all models of a mobile or tablet device category
    4. Click Remove to remove the device from targeting
  13. Frequency capping: choose to cap by ad group, ad, or this campaign.

Frequency capping is available for in-app inventory, but counts impressions in apps and mobile web separately.

Next steps

You can leave these steps for later and save your campaign now, or you can:

If you're targeting users based on remarketing, be sure to create separate campaigns for mobile web and in-app, since in-app inventory does not accept remarketing campaigns.
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