Declare agencies in real-time bidding

As part of the effort to increase reporting transparency, buyers are required to declare any advertising agency associated with a creative. Declaration can occur either at upload time with Google-hosted creatives or within the BidResponse for third-party ads.

The worldwide agencies list maps each agency to a unique identifier.

Declaration in the creative submission API

Agency declaration can occur when a creative is submitted via the creative submission API.

Include this line in your POST:

"agencyId": {integer},

Declaration in the BidResponse

To declare the agency in the BidResponse, include the attribute:

optional int64 agency_id = 16;

If this ad has no associated agency, set a null value rather than leaving this field unspecified:

agency_id: 1
If the agency has already been specified in the creative, a non-null value in the `BidResponse` will override the declaration made at the creative level.
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