Target MRAID inventory

MRAID, or "Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definitions", is an industry standard API for rich media ads running in mobile apps. Using the MRAID API with HTML5 and JavaScript, rich media developers can communicate between ads and apps, and access certain device functions.

Learn more about MRAID from the IAB.

Ad Exchange allows you to traffic MRAID ads to in-app inventory. Supported MRAID ad types include rich media banner ads, expandable ads, and interstitials.

Set up pretargeting for MRAID inventory

When setting up a pretargeting configuration for MRAID inventory, select the following options:

  • Format: Select Display as the inventory format.
  • Categories: Select Platform from the category list and click include for the "Mobile" and "Tablet" criteria; then select Creative attributes from the category list and click include for the "MRAID" criteria.

Learn how to set up pretargeting configurations in the user interface, or using the Buyer REST API.

Respond to bid requests with MRAID creatives

You can bid on any request with an MRAID creative as long as the bid request does not specifically exclude the MRAID creative attribute MraidType: MRAID. You should continue to declare the use of MRAID as a creative attribute in your bid response.

If an app publisher does not allow video interstitial ads (i.e. display-only interstitials), the SDK will automatically add a close  button regardless of the use of MRAID useCustomClose(). You can check whether an ad slot is a video-allowed interstitial based on whether the video message is included in the bid request.

To learn about best practices or how to specifically bid on interstitial ads, see the Real-Time Bidding Protocol and Bid Response Guide.


You can learn more about developing MRAID ads for mobile apps in the developer documentation or see detailed examples of SDK functionality in the Google Tag Manager help center.

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