Ad Exchange FAQ

Some frequently asked questions and concerns regarding Ad Exchange:


What are the targeting options in Ad Exchange?

You can target users by location, language, and device. For more sophisticated targeting, use either your own cookies or cookies from a third party. For more information, see: How remarketing works.

Is your reach global or only to specific cities?

Reach is global. But you can target specific regions if you prefer. For more information, see: Geographic targeting.

How does Google define above-the-fold and below-the-fold?

We analyze the page before serving the ad to determine whether it will serve above or below the fold. For more information, see: Above-the-fold targeting.


If CPM determines bidding behavior, how are Google Ads CPC bids converted?

Ad Exchange uses CPM to determine the winning bidder.

When running the auction, Ad Exchange takes several metrics into account (CPC, CTR, impressions, etc.) to convert your Google Ads CPC bid into a CPM bid.

Can I send more than one bid response for the same request?

No, you can only send one bid response per bid request for an account.


My video ad is not running and I don’t see it listed as a disapproved ad. What’s the issue?

The video creative may be missing a required asset and is being filtered out, but is not disapproved. Please make sure to include all assets required for the video ad (e.g. WebM, Mp4, FLV, HTML5).


Can we run ads in feature phones or only Android and iOS?

Ad Exchange provides access to Blackberry, webOS, iOS, and Android devices. For more information, see: Mobile inventory and options.

Destination URLs

Does Google validate the destination URL compared to what’s in the third party ad tag?

Yes, we validate the URL and check for malware on the page. For more information, see: Declare click-through URLs in ads.


More information

You can see feature-specific FAQs for the following:

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