Authorized Buyers topic targeting versus Verification content classifiers

Learn how topic targeting works in Authorized Buyers

Topics in Authorized Buyers and the Google Display Network

Topics in Authorized Buyers and the Google Display Network allow advertisers to target (by inclusion or exclusion) based on the topic that best describes the primary focus of the page. Google offers advertisers the ability to target to over a thousand different topics, and relies on an automated classification engine to categorize web pages into these topics. Learn more about topics.

Content Issue Classification in Verification

The classifiers used in Verification are independent from the topics used for targeting in Authorized Buyers and the Google Display Network. Verification provides Campaign Manager 360 customers with reporting data on web pages that have triggered any of the content issues tracked by the product. To learn about content issues in Campaign Manager 360, see Content verification in the Campaign Manager 360 Help Center.

Verification has three different kinds of content issue classifications:

  • Content: Classification is based on a specific type of content that appears on the page. Many content issues (like "Profanity" or "Suggestive") may occur on web pages that contain a wide variety of subject matter. A web page may contain material that gets flagged according to a specific content issue such as “Suggestive,” even if that content is not the main focus of the page.

  • Type: Refers to specific web page formats, such as forums or download sites. Other content issues refer to the type of web page (like "Forums"), and can also be triggered on pages that cover a variety of subjects.

  • Page topic: Classification depends on the primary focus of the page, similar in scope and idea to the topics found in Authorized Buyers and the Google Display Network targeting options. For example, the main topic of a page could be politics or religion.

The classifiers that power Verification reports are independent from those that are used to target ads by topic, so there will not always be full overlap between the way that topics and content issues are triggered.

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