Creative restrictions and bid responses

Under "Creative restrictions", you can specify a verified advertiser. However, recommended practice is to omit advertiser to ensure the winning bid response serves a creative. Omitting advertisers ensures creatives are not restricted and Private Auctions with the winning bid transact.

When buyers submit a bid response, a creative is attached to the response. Google classifies these creatives under a verified advertiser based on the landing URL associated with the creative. 

Add a verified advertiser only if you're dealing with unknown buyers and need to ensure that creatives belong to the advertiser with whom you've negotiated the deal. If you opt to add a verified advertiser, note the following:

  • Indicating the incorrect verified advertiser means that creatives from desired advertiser fail to serve. Ensure that you've selected the correct one.
  • There may be times when Google is unable to classify or misclassifies a creative. Creatives from desired advertisers, in cases like these, also fail to serve even if you've indicated the correct advertiser. Use the "Advertiser override" option to classify or reclassify creatives.

Buyers can also declare a verified advertiser in their bid response (via the BidResponse protocol using the the advertiser_name attribute). Buyers may want to declare an advertiser if they have a new creative that has yet to be classified by Google. When buyers do so, Ad Exchanges deems the creative from the declared advertiser as a verified advertiser. However, if conflicts arise between the declared advertiser and Google's classification, Google's classification takes precedence.

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