Private Auctions overview

Private Auctions provide publishers more control over how their inventory is sold, and provide you an advantage in auction buys. When you initiate a Private Auction, you invite specific buyers to participate.

Private Auctions make a portion of publisher's non-guaranteed inventory available to the selected buyers at specific minimum prices. The seller and/or Google may set a minimum CPM for each buyer.


The winners of impressions are determined using the Ad Exchange auction model. If an impression qualifies for a Preferred Deal, the buyer gets the impression at the Preferred Deal price. Private Auction bidders do not participate.

Publishers may choose to allow Open Auction bids to compete with Private Auctions bids. This functionality is displayed next to the floor price for any individual Private Auction.
There are cases where the Private Auction bid you submitted is ineligible because of publisher rules or advertiser blocks. In these cases, your bid is submitted to the Open Auction with the same creative to maximize your chance of winning.

Learn more about the differences between the Open Auction, Private Auctions, and Preferred Deals.

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