Run the Preferred Deals report

Deals reporting has moved to the Reporting.

To customize the data shown in your report and narrow the scope of the report results, the Preferred deals report offers a few filtering options.

To run your report:

  1. To access to the Preferred Deals report, in the sidebar under “Reporting”, click Preferred fixed price.
  2. (Optional) By default, the last 30 days is prefilled in the date fields. If you choose to change those dates, in the Start and End date fields, use the calendar widget to select your date range. The date range must be less than or equal to 90 days.
  3. (Optional) You can select to narrow down your search even further by choosing to filter by Ad sizes, Publishers, and Deals. If you do not specify any of these filters, the default is to include “All”.
  4. To regenerate the report with your selections, click Refresh.

Once the filters are applied, the graph and table automatically load (or recalculate) new data to match your filter selections.

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