Bid data sharing

Receive useful bid data from other buyers in the auction

The bid data sharing feature allows Authorized Buyers and Open Bidders to receive useful bid data from other participating buyers in the auction. Specifically, when a bidder submits a valid bid into the auction, they receive back the minimum value they would have had to bid to win that auction, whether they lost or won.

Authorized Buyers provides publishers with access to similar information, so that publishers have access to all bids on their inventory via our sell-side data transfer files. For all first-price auctions, this is activated by default with no opt out.

For buyers, the “minimum bid to win” field gives insight into the bid price that was needed to win an individual auction after the fact and can be useful in refining bidding algorithms. This also gives publishers a way to identify buyers with appropriately priced bids and enough bidding activity to potentially qualify for the premium inventory sold through Preferred Deals and Private Auctions.

Learn more about the different fields available.

What do publishers see?

Publishers can view the bids for all opted-in buyers of their inventory. Publishers get access to the following data, among others:

  • Number of bids
  • Closing bid CPM (transacted price)
  • Bid Price
  • Bid Floor
  • Buyer
  • Win percentage
  • Mean CPM
  • Impressions
  • Bid ranges
  • Auction Type
  • Advertiser
  • Creative ID
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