Unapplied adjustments and payments

Learn about unapplied adjustments, payments and lost payments

Sometimes payments or adjustments need to be applied to your account, but can't be. This can happen if there isn't enough information telling us where the payment or adjustment should be applied, or if the payment is lost.

Whenever there's an unapplied payment or adjustment in your account, you'll see an alert next to the "Amount due" column, which appears in the "Invoices" and "Transaction history" sections. If your payment is lost, contact the collections team listed on your monthly invoice.

Unapplied adjustments

If you have unapplied adjustments, such as credits that haven't yet been applied to an invoice, you have two options for applying these credits:

  • Underpay your next invoice by the amount of the unapplied adjustment. For example, if you have $53 in unapplied adjustments and an open invoice for $200. Make a payment for $147 ($200 - $53), and we'll close out the invoice. Just be sure to underpay by the exact amount, or we won't know to apply the credit.
  • Contact your account team and let them know how you'd like the unapplied adjustments attributed. You can request, for instance, that your payment be divided in half and applied to two open invoices.

Unapplied payments

If you have an unapplied payment in your account or you think your check or wire payment is lost, you can email your local collections team, and tell them how you'd like the payment applied to your account. For example, you can ask that the payment be split among more than one invoice. Just be sure to include the invoice numbers and amounts we should apply to each.

Lost payments

If your payment is lost, you can provide a proof of payment to your account team to show that the payment was made. When contacting your account team, please attach a proof of payment to your email. This can be a scanned image or screenshot of your bank transfer receipt, your bank or credit card statement, or your online bank or credit card account.

Your proof of payment should also include the following information:

  • The date the payment was made. If possible, show all transactions for five days before and after the payment.
  • The amount and currency of the payment.
  • The beneficiary of the funds, such as Google Ads.
  • The name of the remitting bank.

Also, for security reasons, please black-out any sensitive information on your bank or credit card statement, particularly your entire bank account number or the middle eight digits of your credit card number.

Find your local collections team
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Argentina collections-ar@google.com
Australia collections-au@google.com
Belize collections-lm@google.com
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Brazil collections-br@google.com
Canada collections-ca@google.com
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Norway collections-no@google.com
Panama collections-lm@google.com
Paraguay collections-lm@google.com
Peru collections-lm@google.com
Poland collections-pl@google.com
Portugal collections-pt@google.com
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South Korea collections-kr@google.com
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United States Minor Outlying Islands collections-us@google.com
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Virgin Islands (U.S.) collections-us@google.com
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