View cost and payment history

Your transaction history contains details about your advertising costs and payments.

The information displayed defaults to show all transactions from the previous seven days. However, you can apply filters to view only certain types of transactions for any range of dates.

Access your transaction history

  1. Sign in to your Authorized Buyers account at
  2. Click the settings gear , followed by Billing.
  3. Click Transaction history from the left navigation menu.
  4. (Optional) Filter the information shown by selecting from the available options. To see all of the options for a given filter, select any of the default settings: All transactionsDetailed, or Last 7 days.

In both the detailed and summary views, you can see the following:

  • Debits: The combined costs for all your campaigns on a particular day.
  • Credits: The amount of your payments and any adjustments applied to your account.
  • Balance: The relationship between how much you've accrued in advertising costs and how much you've paid. Every amount in the "Debits" column increases your balance (meaning you owe more), while every amount in the "Credits" column decreases your balance (meaning you owe less). The balance represents the difference.
Learn more about the summary view

In the "Summary" view, the information is grouped by transaction type so that you can see things like costs, payments, and adjustments at a quick glance. Here are your filtering options:

  • Costs: The money you owe from advertising activity.
  • Earnings: Any applicable earnings are displayed as monthly transactions.
  • Payments: Any payments you've made to pay for your costs.
  • Adjustments: Usually, any credits applied to your account.
  • Taxes: The applicable taxes that applies to your account.
Learn more about the detailed view

In the "Detailed" view, you can see your account billing activity detailed by day. No line item is shown for days in which no activity occurred. Here's what you'll see:

  • Campaign activity: The number of billable clicks or impressions your campaigns accrued that day. 
  • In progress: A cost, payment, or adjustment is underway.
  • Payment: A payment you've initiated that's been applied to your account.
  • Payment declined: An attempted payment wasn't successful because your bank declined the payment.
  • Service adjustment: A promotional or courtesy credit applied by Ad Exchange or a refund to your account if we find that you've been charged for invalid clicks.
  • Payment failed: This happens very rarely, and it means that a payment you initiated failed. If your payments continue to fail, please contact your account team.
  • Payment refunded: A payment you initiated was refunded back to your credit card or bank account.
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