Serve interactive video ads with VPAID

Learn the basics of VPAID for publishers

Authorized Buyers allows buyers to serve VPAID ads to publishers that opt in.

VPAID stands for “Video Player Ad Interface Definition” and is an IAB-published industry standard for interactive in-stream video ads. Learn more about VPAID from the IAB.

What do I need to do to serve VPAID ads?

  • Buyers need to declare all VPAID ads booked via the UI using the VPAID checkbox when they create an in-stream video ad. RTB ads may optionally declare the VPAID creative attribute, but it is not required because VPAID ads are automatically detected.
  • Please note that it's a policy violation for a buyer to rotate VPAID and non-VPAID ads on a single creative.

How can I check that a VPAID ad will render properly?

Please use Google’s VAST Inspector, as you would for any VAST ad.

What elements of my ad infrastructure need to support VPAID?

All of the following elements must support VPAID in order for the interactive ad to function:

Element Example
Ad creative itself Often created by an agency
VAST ad serving template used to serve the ad Usually created by an ad server like Campaign Manager 360
The SDK used by player to request and render ads Google’s IMA SDK, which is the only SDK used to render Ad Exchanges ads, supports VPAID v1.0 and v2.0 in desktop web, mobile web, and tablet web.
The video player itself An ad technology vendor
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