Considerations when you negotiate a deal

Keep the following in mind when negotiating a deal

Recommendations to bear in mind when you negotiate a deal:

  • Decide how long the deal will be active
  • Keep in mind the possible number of preferred deals that are set up


  • Consider where your CPM ranks in comparison to others
  • Negotiate a gross CPM that you can both agree on.


  • Identify which URLs correspond with the deal ID
  • Inform the seller the destination URLs of the advertisers you plan on running. They need to make sure they are not blocking these URLs in their advertiser settings.
  • Determine if you able to offer unique URLs for particular regions (in other words,,


  • Figure out the availability of sections of your site
  • Quantify available impressions (day/week/month)
  • Determine if there is a minimum number of impressions you need us to buy to conduct a deal
  • Inquire if you have exclusive access to this inventory. If you are not exclusive, find out what other hindrances are in place for these placements.
  • Ask whether this inventory is normally available through an exchange
  • Details about the inventory that they plan to make available (What site is it? Is it ROS, sports, homepage, and so forth?).

Allow, Block and Target

  • Identify the advertisers or vendors you block
  • Tell the seller what ad technology (or technologies) you have declared in your ads. They need to make sure they have allowed these in their settings.
  • Ask the seller what domains you need to target in your campaign(s).
  • If you plan on using remarketing lists when targeting these sites, ask the seller if they allow that in their ad unit.
  • If you plan to perform data collection when buying these sites, ask the seller if they allow that in their ad unit.
  • If the publisher uses Creative review and you plan to target by site only, remind the publisher to approve your adgroup/campaign.
Protections do not apply to Preferred Deals.
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