Create an offer

Take this opportunity to describe the inventory you’re seeking, along with any content restrictions.

Specify offer details

  1. Click New offer.
  2. Enter a descriptive offer Name that clearly identifies the campaign. You’ll want to pick something you can easily find later, and that will summarize the campaign specifics. An example of an offer name is “Airline X Spring Bahamas special.”
  3. For the Point of contact, enter the email address of the person who’s responsible for the origination and negotiation of this offer.
  4. Enter the Desired CPM you're willing to pay for this inventory. The CPM is gross, before revenue share. As offer negotiations progress, this number might change.
  5. Enter the Terms of the offer. This should include any details the publisher needs to know, such as landing page content, creative type, vendor declarations, content restrictions, and any other requirements a publisher would need to adhere to.

  6. As the offer moves through negotiations, participating publishers can set additional terms, which will also be reflected here, along with a change history. The change history displays the entire negotiation thread. It can be re-read or reviewed via the navigation arrows, located to the far right area of the negotiations panel.

  7. Select the “Offer type”:
    • To make the offer available to, and viewable by, any publisher who has access to the Preferred Deals interface, choose Open. This offer type makes it apparent to a seller that the offer is open to ALL sellers.
    • To make the offer available to a limited number of publishers, choose Direct, and select publishers from the displayed list. This offer type allows buyers to make an offer to a publisher, or multiple publishers. The publishers are NOT shown whether the buyer has made an offer to more than one publisher.
  8. (Optional) In the Advertiser box, select an advertiser for whom you're running the campaign.

Additional settings

  1. (Optional) Enter the date the offer Starts and Ends. These dates should correspond to the run dates of the campaign.
  2. (Optional) Click to select from a list of publisher-owned URLs that are available as part of the offer. Any other publisher-owned URL (e.g., "" or "") can be entered. After you type the URL, hit Enter.
  3. (Optional) Enter a Gross estimated spend amount before the revenue share.
  4. (Optional) Enter Estimated impressions per day.
  5. (Optional) If you wish to add an email address associated with this offer, click Edit deal emails and enter one or more email addresses.
  6. To make the offer available, click Save. If you selected Direct as the “Offer type,” only the specified publishers will see the offer on their Preferred Deals interface page.
After an offer is created, if you choose to retract the offer, locate and click the offer name. From the offer details page, click Withdraw. All related negotiations and deals will still exist even if you withdraw the offer.
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