Learn the ad approval process

All ads on Ad Exchange go through an approval process to make sure they're safe and appropriate for users. Each ad is reviewed for compliance with our advertising policies. If any issues are found, you're notified with policy information and what you can do to get your ad approved.

Submit ads for approval

Ads cannot show until they've been reviewed and approved. Whenever you create a new ad or make changes to an existing ad, your ad is automatically submitted for review. If you edit an approved ad, it returns to the queue for review and cannot run until it's been re-approved. Paused ad creatives are not reviewed.


Ads are reviewed as quickly as possible, usually within one to two business days.* The ad review system may check the content you're advertising, your advertiser's website, cookie usage, and technology vendor usage.

If you've waited for your ads to be reviewed for more than two business days, please contact us.

* Not always valid in certain markets (i.e. Russia, China) or scenarios where creatives are not eligible to serve in Open Auction after being manually approved

Approval status

During the approval process, your ads are given a status. You can see the status of your ad by logging into your account and looking at the "Status" column of your Ads tab. Below is a list of statuses you might see.

Status What it means
Under review Your ad is still being reviewed
Approved Your ad has been approved to run
Your ad has been approved to run, but may only serve in a limited capacity (for example, a gambling ad could have a status of "Conditionally approved", as we only serve this type of content in a limited number of countries for deals-only transactions)
Disapproved There's an issue with your ad and it can't run right now

Manage disapproved ads

If your ad does not comply with Ad Exchange policies, it becomes disapproved. You can see your ad disapprovals by going to the Creatives section, or if you set up email notifications, you can receive email reports containing disapproved creative alerts.

Re-submit your creatives

There are three ways to get disapproved ads reviewed to be eligible for auction.

REST API: Submit a creative re-review request by using REST API.

RTB BidResponse: Once you have fixed a disapproved creative, submit a new (versioned) creative ID via a bid response. This will ensure that the creative is automatically reviewed by our verification system.

Manual request: If you are unable to re-submit creatives via the REST API or a bid response, contact your Ad Exchange support team to manually request a creative re-review.

Beginning March 30, creatives running on Open Auction inventory and in a Preferred Deal will have two separate statuses, available in Ad Exchange tools and the REST API v1.4 and later. Your creative may be disapproved for Open Auction serving but approved, or conditionally approved, for serving in a Preferred Deal.

   * Creatives may be held for additional review and appear as "conditionally approved".
  ** If you re-submit a currently approved creative via the REST API, it will stop serving until re-approved.
 *** Creatives can be found if they have been active (submitted or bid with) within the past 30 days.

Automated creative reviews

Ad Exchange conducts automated creative reviews in order to maintain the quality of ads on the exchange. While this does not change the Ad Exchange guidelines, creatives that don't meet our policies are paused until corrected. The most common issues are: destination URL not working, flash cookies, raw IP addresses, missing or broken click macros, invalid fourth-party calls, undeclared or incorrect landing page, customer creative ID misuse, non certified vendors, and creative download sizes.

For additional details on these guidelines, please visit Ad Exchange policies and enforcement.

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