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If you choose to use the Site Stats logo when you set up conversion tracking, the conversion tracking code snippet will show a visible Google Site Stats text block on your website's user-facing confirmation pages to indicate that a conversion has been completed. This text will only appear to users who have been referred to your site by Google. Users can click the text to learn more about conversion tracking and how Google respects their privacy by not recording any personal information. Here's what happens:


  • A user clicks your Ad Exchange ad.
  • Our server places a temporary cookie on the user's computer.
  • If the user reaches one of your designated conversion confirmation request pages, his/her computer passes back the cookie and requests that our server send the conversion tracking text.
  • Google records the conversion event and correlates it with your campaign, ad group, and URL.
  • At the next report update, you will see conversion statistics.
Because buyers can set up campaigns for multiple advertisers in a single account, a conversion that results from one ad view or click might not always be attributed to the proper campaign. Talk to your account team before using conversion tracking.
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