Marketplace packages (Beta)

Learn about Marketplace Packages and how to manage them

Marketplace Packages are publisher curated inventory packages, created and published to the Authorized Buyer marketplace for you to discover. This feature brings the ease of Open Auction buying to Private Auctions, and reduces friction in deal making.

Marketplace Packages differ to Auction Packages (which are buyer or Google curated packages of Open Auction inventory) in that they may, or may not, contain inventory available to Open Auction. Marketplace Packages is currently in a beta period and only includes curated, premium connected TV (CTV) or over-the-top (OTT) inventory from a limited set of premium publishers.

Marketplace Packages allow buyers to:

  • easily discover premium inventory curated directly by publishers to you. This inventory may not always be available on Open Auction and packages that are available to your account will automatically appear in your marketplace. You can immediately start targeting the deal ID without having to go through the process of deal making.
  • gain more transparency in the inventory discovery process. Publisher provided information as well as weekly forecasts and a bid curve makes it seamless to search for the inventory you want to buy.
  • streamline the deal making process. Each Marketplace Package is assigned a single deal ID, making it easy to share packages between seats, even across demand server platforms (DSP), for immediate transacting. When a Marketplace Package is created by the publisher, any buyer that is eligible to bid on it will automatically get bid requests.
Authorized Buyers can immediately begin transacting on Marketplace Packages that they discover and have access to. Just take the Deal ID and target from your desired DSP.

Discover Marketplace Packages

  1. Sign in to your Authorized Buyers account at
  2. Navigate to Marketplace > Discovery > Marketplace Packages. This page is already curated to packages that are available to you. 
  3. Use the Add New Filter to easily search for packages by Name and Deal ID
  4. In the table view, you can see the following information:
  • Name and Description are fields that are filled directly by the publisher
  • Package Type indicates whether the package is Public, set by the publisher to be available to all buyers, or exclusive, set by the publisher to be available to only select buyers. Only exclusive packages, to which you have access, are shown in your marketplace. Exclusive packages can also be given priority, meaning any buyers of that package will be given auction priority over any Open Auction bids. 
  • Content Type describes the most common inventory within the package based on historical forecasting. Supported descriptions include audio, CTV, in-stream video, and gaming. Content types may be "Undetermined" due to lack of historical information for the forecast, or insufficient impressions.
  • Package floor price: The publisher has the ability to set a floor price for exclusive Marketplace Packages. In order to serve, any bids into the Marketplace Package have to clear the floor price.
  • The last 7 days of estimated Impressions and Unique reach is displayed for each package.
  1. To view more information regarding the Marketplace Package, click on the name of the package.

Manage your Marketplace Packages

  1. Navigate to Marketplace > Marketplace Packages. This tab contains all Marketplace Packages that you have transacted on as well as any packages you have bookmarked.
  2. You can directly save additional Marketplace Packages to track and monitor by selecting Bookmark a Marketplace Package.
  3. Each Marketplace Package is identified by a single unique Deal ID. which you can use to immediately configure your DSP to bid on. In addition, you can share this Deal ID with other buyers so that they can review and subscribe to your auction package. You can configure your DSP to bid on this deal ID automatically without needing to approve any deal. In addition, you can share this Deal ID with other buyers or seats.

Bookmarking Marketplace Packages allows buyers to save packages that they are interested in. For example, if you are interested in buying premium CTV Marketplace Packages, you can start within the Marketplace > Discovery > Marketplace Packages tab and bookmark packages you are interested in. Visit Marketplace > Marketplace Packages to create a list of the deal IDs that you can then target from your DSP.

You do not need to bookmark a Marketplace Package before bidding on it. When a Marketplace Package is created, all eligible buyers automatically get bid requests.


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