Cookie matching

Cookie Matching allows you to match information in a cookie, such as an ID assigned to a user that browsed your website, with a corresponding bidder-specific Google User ID, and construct user lists that can help you make more effective bidding choices.

Update cookie match settings

  1. Sign in to Authorized Buyers.

  2. Click Bidder settings and then Cookie matching.
  3. Activate or deactivate cookie matching. Then click Save.
  4. Review additional cookie matching data.

Cookie matching data

To update the cookie matching data, please contact support

  • Cookie matching network ID: unique ID used by the cookie matcher to look up the account and pass the URL of the cookie matching request
  • Cookie matching URL: the base URL for an endpoint that accepts incoming requests
  •  (Optional) Cooking matching report URL: URL for an endpoint that receives error details in the event that cookie matching fails
  • Pixel matching URL for push: URL for an endpoint that receives pixel matching requests
    Cookie matching URL and pixel matching URL shouldn't be the same.

The following cookie matching data is only applicable to Open Bidding buyers.

  • Demand syndication assist cookie match URL:  pixels fired to the demand syndication URL assist with cookie matching between the SSP and their DSP partners (also know as Cookie Match Assist)
  • Demand syndication assist max QPS: the maximum number of queries per second allowed to be sent for demand syndication

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