Release notes for Authorized Buyers

What's new on November 2, 2020

Real-time bidding

New signals for visibility state of the webpage

We added page_visibility to our Google protocol and Google OpenRTB extensions, which indicates the visibility state of the webpage containing the ad slot. Learn more about page visibility from the W3C.


Updates to sensitive events for the U.S. Presidential election

We will be implementing a sensitive event policy for political ads after polls close in the United States on November 3rd due to the number of votes that will be counted after election day this year. While this policy is in place, advertisers will not be able to run ads referencing the U.S. Presidential election, the candidates, or its outcome.

This sensitive event policy applies to all in-scope ads running through Google Ads, DV360, YouTube, or Authorized Buyers. It doesn’t impact publisher monetization, Open Bidders, or Deals (including non-DV360 PG, Auction Packages).

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