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What's new on April 5, 2021

User interface

Auction Package auto unsubscribe

Every package that has not received any spend or impressions for six months or more will automatically be unsubscribed from, and will become “inactive” in the Auction Packages UI. Users can locate these packages by filtering the Auction Packages menu for “Status: Inactive." If a client wants to reactivate an inactive package, they can click into the package of their choosing and click “Subscribe,” or they can use the Deal ID to subscribe to it again.


Update to Adult content policy

On March 29, 2021, Google Ads Adult content policy was updated to restrict sexually suggestive live streaming, sexually suggestive live chat, sexually suggestive role playing games, and general dating with sexually suggestive elements and themes. These categories are still allowed, but will serve on a restricted basis.

Additionally, we have made editorial changes to the policy for improved clarity and understanding. These changes will not negatively impact advertiser campaigns.

The changes include:

  • Changing the title of the policy from "Adult content" to "Sexual content."
  • Breaking out current "Adult" and "Non-family safe" categories into more nuanced content categories.
  • Updating titles, descriptions, and examples for the more nuanced categories.

Review the full Adult Content policy update announcement

Other product or Help Center updates

SupplyChain Object is now supported

We now support SupplyChain Object, an IAB transparency standard. The SupplyChain Object gives transparency into the origins and paths of ad inventory. No action from you is required at this time.


Coming soon

  • Updates to Abusing the Ad Network policy (May 2021)
    In May 2021, we will reorganize our Abusing the Ad Network policy for improved readability and understanding. Certain policy actions and corresponding messaging to Google advertisers will include updated policy names. These changes will impact what is currently restricted or prohibited per our policies.  We will begin enforcing the policy updates on May 4, 2021. 

    Learn more about these changes to the Abusing the Ad Network policy

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