How to earn rewards

This rewards structure applies to panelists for Google Opinion Rewards Audience Measurement.

Earning and redeeming points

Panelists have the opportunity to earn points for joining the panel, installing meters, using the meters, and for occasionally answering surveys about the program. To join the panel and earn these points, panelists need to meet the eligibility criteria.

Panelists can redeem points for gift cards at the rate of 100 points for $1. Points have no cash value until they are redeemed.

Once they redeem their points, each gift card can be spent with the retailer who issued it. Gift card offers are updated from time to time, so panelists should check their options regularly.

The first eligible person in a home who signs up for the panel is the primary panelist. Other adults and teens who live with the primary panelist can become panelists and earn their own points to redeem for their own gift cards.

Active panelists in good standing can save points for 2 years before the points expire. Panelists who leave the program have 60 days to redeem their points before their Google Opinion Rewards Audience Measurement account is permanently disabled.

Rewards earned in a particular week (Sunday-Saturday) will appear in panelist accounts by the next Tuesday.

Points possible

Install points

Install points for hardware are paid evenly over 20 weeks to active panelists, starting the week the hardware is installed. For example, installing 1 TV Meter and 1 Router Meter would mean that 10,000 points would be distributed as 500 points per week for 20 weeks.

Meter installed Points Notes
Mobile Meter 200 Points per mobile meter, up to 3 phones and 3 tablets, respectively
Browser Meter 200 Points per browser meter, up to 5 devices (PCs and laptops)
Router Meter 5,000 Primary panelist only
1st TV Meter 5,000 Primary panelist only
2nd TV Meter 2,500 Primary panelist only
3rd TV Meter 1,000 Primary panelist only

When a panelist leaves the program, they stop getting any install points that aren’t yet distributed to them. Remaining points are subject to panelist points policies as described in this article.

Weekly points

Panelists earn weekly points by meeting their panelist responsibilities.

Activity that week Points Notes
Mobile Meter 100  
Browser Meter 100  
Tablet Meter 100  
Router Meter, Smart Devices not allowed 100 Primary panelist only
Router Meter, Smart Devices allowed 200 Primary panelist only. Not necessary to have any Smart Devices in the home.
TV Meter 250 Primary panelist only

Additional points

Type of points Points Notes
Bonus points for TV check in/check out Variable Panelists get a variable number of points (ranging from 0 to 25) when they check out after a session of TV watching.
Survey points, per survey 500 The Google Opinion Rewards team sometimes calls panelists with quick phone surveys. Points aren’t awarded for non-survey calls like installation or reminders to check in and out.
Enrollment bonus 500 Panelists other than the primary panelist get a 500 point bonus for signing up.
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