Your responsibilities as a panelist

When you sign up for Google Opinion Rewards Audience Measurement, you agree to do these things:

  • Set up and use meters on all your TVs, computers, smartphones, and tablets
  • Check in and out of the TV Meter when you start and stop watching TV
  • Check in every time Screenwise Meter reminds you
  • If we sent you a Router Meter, use it to replace the router in your home, which will keep the data you send safer
  • Sign up adults or teens who live with you, so we get a better picture of your household’s media opinions, and so they can also earn points
  • When you share a TV, computer, or other device, each person checks in and checks out when they use it
  • Respond to notifications to keep digital meters updated and working
  • Avoid fraud, for example, making it look like you’re watching TV or using the internet when you aren’t
  • Answer surveys we send you

We want you to succeed as a member of Google Opinion Rewards Audience Measurement. We’re working to make Google products better, and we can’t do that without knowing how real people like you use TV, browse the internet, and use apps.

For more details about panelist responsibilities, see the Terms and Conditions.
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