Activate Screenwise Meter on Android Device

Use these instructions to link the Screenwise Meter on your mobile device to your panelist account and begin earning rewards for that device.

Sign in to the Screenwise Meter with your panelist account

  1. Open the Screenwise Meter and tap No Account Selected.

  2. Tap Add account to sign in with your email address and password, or select your panelist email address from the list.


Resolve all alerts

  1. Open the Screenwise Meter and tap any Alerts.

  2. Fix every alert listed.

Activate Activity History Monitoring

  1. Open the Screenwise Meter and tap the Activity History Monitoring section.

  2. Tap the Screenwise Meter section.

  3. Turn the Screenwise Metering Service on.

  4. Tap OK to authorize the Screenwise Meter.

Activate Notification Monitoring

  1. Tap the Notification Monitoring section.

  2. Check the box for Screenwise Meter.

  3. In the Services section of the Accessibility menu, select Screenwise Meter.

  4. Turn Screenwise Meter On


Mobile Browser Check In

Periodically, you'll be prompted to check in and refresh your mobile browser registration.
  1. Tap Mobile Browser Check In.

  2. A new browser tab opens. Once this page loads, you may close the tab or tap the back button to return to the Screenwise Meter app.

Verify your installation

  1. Open the Screenwise Meter in your App drawer

  2. You will see the message below if your app is connected to your panelist account and properly metering.
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