Rewards credit amount seems low or missing

The minimum length of participation in the panel before a redemption can occur is 6 weeks. This is referred to as the Install & Enrollment Period. You are able to continue earning rewards during this time. At the end of the Install & Enrollment Period, if you have remained an active panelist you will continue to earn great rewards. However, if you have not been active or if we can not rely on your household data, you will be removed from the panel.

Current panelists in good standing have two years to redeem reward points following their accrual.

Non-fraudulent panelists who are deactivated from the panel or self-terminate have 60 days after deactivation to redeem any remaining rewards over 500 points ($5). 

Your rewards credit for installing hardware is amortized over 20 weeks. For example, if you earned a total of 13500 points for installing hardware, those points are broken up into 20 disbursements of 675 points per week.

Upon redemption, 100 points equals 1 US Dollar.

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