Redeem rewards

The minimum balance required for redemptions is 500 reward points1.

You can cash your reward points1 into electronic gift cards from several merchants. Once you redeem your reward points the e-gift card is emailed to you within 48 hours. You’ll then be able to redeem the e-gift card directly with the merchant you specified; specific instructions are included in the email.

Sign in to your Google Opinion Rewards Audience Measurement account at  and select the Rewards balance section. If you have earned sufficient rewards, you’ll see the eligible e-gift cards that you can select from. Select a e-gift card, and charge the card value from your available points. The e-gift card will be emailed to you at your chosen contact email address within 48 hours.

The minimum length of participation in the panel before a redemption can occur is 6 weeks. This is referred to as the Install & Enrollment Period. You are able to continue earning rewards during this time. At the end of the Install & Enrollment Period, if you have remained an active panelist you will continue to earn great rewards. However, if you have not been active or if we can not rely on your household data, you will be removed from the panel.

This panel is only for residents of the United States, and rewards can only be redeemed when logged in to an internet connection originating from the United States.

You cannot redeem any reward points until you have been an active panel participant for at least six weeks.

1Upon redemption, 100 reward points equals 1 US Dollar.
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