In order to be statistically significant, most market research analysis requires a certain percentage or threshold of people in many smaller demographic segments. While you may be one of hundreds or thousands of people on a panel, you actually might represent a much smaller demographic group within all of the panelists.

When you don't turn on your meters, the habits of other panelists representing your demographic group may have their metering overweighted and their influence on data misrepresented.

To that end, if somebody is not participating in a panel for extended periods of time, we have to replace them with a new panelist who represents the same demographic. When we say that every participant's input is important, those are not empty words. Google doesn't accept panelists who aren't needed. Everybody counts. You count.

Google reserves the right to terminate your participation in the panel if we are unable to collect sufficient amounts of data from you. Some reasons for not being able to collect sufficient data are:

  • Switching to guest mode too often and/or staying in guest mode too long.

  • Turning your meter(s) off

  • Not installing the metering apps on your primary device(s)

  • Other violations of our Terms & Conditions . 

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