What are Audience Measurement panels?

Google Opinion Rewards Audience Measurement Panels recruit volunteers like yourself to learn more about media habits, on the internet and elsewhere.  When you browse the internet, use your mobile device, or watch TV with the Screenwise Meter, we learn from you. 

We only connect with a small number of panelists for any given research study, although that number can vary from hundreds to thousands, depending upon the demographic breakdown of what kinds of households we need for any particular panel. This means every panelist matters. We need panelists who browse the internet and watch television regularly.  


The more you participate and the more often you check in to your meters, the more reward points you earn.

What kind of data does a Google Audience Measurement Panel collect?

As a member of a panel, you'll be asked to install meters on your eligible devices. When you use devices with the meter installed, data will be shared securely with Google. This includes, for example, the sites you visit, the apps you use, the television shows that play on your television, information about how you use them, device IP address, and cookies.

From the information gathered through the Screenwise Meters, we learn what times of day you browse the internet or watch TV, how long you stay on websites/apps, what types of websites, apps, and TV programs are popular (or not), and how you interact with media when there is more than one screen vying for your attention.


For a more detailed description, visit our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions

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