View your connected devices

Overview of active devices by category

Log in to your panelist account at to view the devices connected to your account. Currently supported device types are smartphone, tablet, internet browsers, and televisions.

If you have a device linked to your panelist account that's active and metering, a checkmark will appear in the box for the corresponding category under the Meter installation section.

To view the individual devices connected to your account, click Installed devices

Connected device activity details

On the Installed devices page, you can see the devices that have been associated with your panelist account, as well as their meter activity status. 

A breakdown of the devices by category are included on the installed devices page. These devices show as either Active or Inactive.

  • An Active device has metered some activity in the last few days.
  • An Inactive device has not had any recent activity.

Note: Since the Installed devices page show recent activity, not current status, a device may show as Active even though you recently uninstalled it.

Screenwise Meters that have been uninstalled from your devices may show as Inactive for a period of time on the overview screen.
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