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Updated: Today
Google Routines missing in Google Home app Reboot phone. Update app. I can’t find the routines so there’s no way to add or edit my current rout… How to fix Google Assistant's "Can't reach Google at the moment" Hi so I'm having trouble with my Google Assistant. When I try to voice activate it, the error "Can't…
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Google Assistant won't set reminders by voice anymore When is the most important features of my phone is the ability for it to set reminders for me by voi…
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I can't activate Hey Google with my voice. It's ok if using Home button to wake up the phone first. Everything is working fine previously. Checked settings and retrained voice model to no avail.
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El asistente reacciona a "Ok Google" pero contesta: "No se puede acceder a Google en este momento" Revisar los permisos y la configuración.
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How to remove Ghost device linked to assistant device? I am using an android 10 device, I have also tried using and alternative device. and I'm having issu… I want remove these toggles in assistant Please help me I want to remove this bar from Google assistant please help me 😭
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I need to say ok google for open google assistant I need that i say ok google and google assistant open
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Google mini not playing Classic FM Today my elderly blind father phoned to say he could no longer get Classic FM radio on his Google Mi… I'm using an Android phone. My "hey Google, set a reminder" has stopped working. help? "hey Google set alarm" works. Just not the reminder part. I've cleared cache and data and checked se…
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Whenever I click on a Google meet links, instead being redirected to my class, "Invalid Dynamic Link I have not tried anything because I don't know what to do It's self explanatory, I click on Google m…
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How do I get this free phone I'm trying to figure out how to get this free phone you're talking about lots of times
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My Pixel 3 shows the assistant bars at the bottom of the screen every time on volume keys press Every time I unlock the device, or press a volume key the assistant activates. The only way I have f…
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Do you need to download voice access app to pixel 3 for assistant Assistant says unable to open lists
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Assistant not working with Google Workspace Account Google Assistant is not working with my Google Workspace account. Every time I am asking it things l…
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When I speak “OK Google” nothing happens anymore. I go to Assistant settings, but can't fix it. On my Chromebook, when I speak “OK Google” into my microphone, nothing happens. It used to work but …
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Unable to add any "works with Google" services. Getting "could not reach" error I have a few "works with Google" things such as ecobee and Neato setup, and I was trying to reconnec…
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When i tried to use okay google it constantly says something is wrong I can't do anything to fix it
0 Recommended Answers 2 Replies 0 Upvotes
Google Asistant not dial number When use Goggle Asistant for make call, it not make direct call, but only open phone keypad and show…
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