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Stop Google Assistant from asking to be turned on Google Assistant is Turned OFF. I don't want to turn it on. Problem: When I hold the play button on … Assistant Voices option not available The option to change the assistant voice is not available on my phone under more settings / preferen… The weather notifications that appear every morning seem to be in Fahrenheit. I have changed the weather unit from the setting but despite that the notifications still appear in … How can I turn off the option of which google assistant gives me a notification for "joke of the day I looked everywhere in settings to find that option where I manage what assistant can give notificat…
0 Recommended Answers 19 Replies 1149 Upvotes
Can google assistant have a scottish accent? Or any type of accent? I want Google assistant to have an accent instead of the voice it has already
20 Replies
Error: The Google Assistant isn't available on this device. I don't know what I can do I launch the app then I get this message. My google app is up to date and…
0 Recommended Answers 25 Replies 201 Upvotes
How to turn off notifications for wanting Google assistant back on I don't want Google assistant to keep asking if I want it back on right after I just turn it off. Ho… How do I get rid of Google Assistant?It's a pain in the **, I'm quite capable of searching! I can find no "Off" for Googles "Clippy"!
18 Replies
Access with voice match: this feature is currently unavailable for this language Model: Huawei P20 Phone language: English(Finnish) I created a new thread, because the most active t…
0 Recommended Answers 72 Replies 877 Upvotes
Is anyone else having trouble using "lumos" and "nox" to turn the flashlight on and off? I loved that I could use the spells from Harry Potter to activate the flashlight on my phone, but ye… I can't turn off OK Google, even though I go into the settings and all of the choices are grayed out Tried going into OK Google to shut off; still there
45 Replies
Voice match doesn't unlock my phone I made a voice model and check the unlock feature with my voice commands, still no use I can't seem … Google assistant voice not playing over car Bluetooth speakers. Option for phone output only? Searched settings for assistant audio output settings and googled general use case responses with no… Kill google assistant permanently "Keeps saying when its safe youll need to....how do i completely delete ga so i never ever hear it a… Google assistant is causing glitches on my phone. I already have turned the Google assistant off hel Turned off my Google assistant
0 Recommended Answers 25 Replies 85 Upvotes
Assistant keeps saying "here are some things you can do when your phone is offline..." How to stop? This occurs whenever I use voice search.
0 Recommended Answers 31 Replies 375 Upvotes
I would like to completely eradicate google assistant from my phone. Not simply disable it, to avoid confusing those who think that disabling the app only to have it repeatedly prompt me to turn it back on as think is not removing this from my phone. I want my home button back. The phone has to work as intended. If I want to close a program, I press the home button, I don't want google assistant popping Have disabled it. Does not go away or return my home button to normal.
34 Replies
My google assistant cannot recognize my contacts? When I say "ok Google, call (name of person in contacts)" Google does not recognize the contact.
0 Recommended Answers 71 Replies 566 Upvotes
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