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My home button now opens google assistant without being held for 2 seconds. How do i fix this. How do i make it so that just pressing the home button takes me back to the homescreen instead of op…
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Ok Google doesn't unlock with voice. I have to constantly retrain the voice model. I have a pixel 2 and always have it up to date. Whenever I try and give commands with the screen loc…
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How can I make my device compatible with Google assistant? How can I make my device compatible with Google assistant? I would like to completely eradicate google assistant from my phone. Not simply disable it, to avoid confusing those who think that disabling the app only to have it repeatedly prompt me to turn it back on as think is not removing this from my phone. I want my home button back. The phone has to work as intended. If I want to close a program, I press the home button, I don't want google assistant popping Have disabled it. Does not go away or return my home button to normal.
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used to be i could say "ask me a question," and assistant would launch into a fun trivia quiz. now, assistant says, "i like it better when you ask a question." i try "geek trivia" it either doesn't understand, or it keeps asking the same three or four ridiculously easy questions. when i try "sat vocabulary" it doesn't understand or it gives wrong answers. none of the quizzes are working. what gives? are you abandoning these? i would like to play these games but none are working My google shopping list was displaying icons and I was able to add quantities move items up/down the list. Now these features are missing again? Shopping list features have disappeared
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My lover name? English lang.
4 Replies
Is there a way to continue using Google Assistant in English while the rest of the phone is Chinese? After changing the phone language to Chinese, the Google Assistant disappears. I want to keep using …
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Google Assistant availability in Israel Google Assistant was available in Israel and now it's not... Is it coming back? If so, when? why was… Error: The Google Assistant isn't available on this device. I don't know what I can do I launch the app then I get this message. My google app is up to date and…
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I want to completely get rid of google assistant on my android phone. I never asked cor it. Suddenly it was on my phone. It interferes with listening to musuc with a headset. I keep getting messages. I hate it and want it gone. Why would google just install without asking if i wanted it. Terruble thing to do. Pleas tell me how to get rid of this terrible thing. I do not need or want it. I want to get rid of google assistant on my phone. It is terrible and in just want it gone.
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