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Assistant says I have an event but it's not in any of my calendars. I unsubscribed from a calendar that I previously imported to my Google Calendar under "Other Calenda…
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How to change Google Assistant's default spelling for commonly used proper names? Some first names (often used when using GA to transcribe a message - voice to text) are spelled in v…
0 Recommended Answers 192 Replies 1045 Upvotes
My routines run pretty smoothly before, but they suddenly stopped executing the media action part. For example, in my back home routine, I added a custom response and a media action. It used to run p… assistant cannot read the shopping list when I try to add an item or ask to show the list. Assistant is used in Dutch, I translated for this post. I use standard Assistant shopping list for a…
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Recent Problem: Normal Commands No Longer Working I have used the same commands for at least 3 years to turn off and on lights around the house. Like … I cant search cantonese singers on youtube music with the assistant. but I could do it on spotify I cant search cantonese singers on youtube music with the google assistant. but I could do it on spo…
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How do I get Google Assistant to read aloud webpages whilst staying signed in? Google Assistant changes the website and does not read aloud the correct article, if signing in is r…
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Auto repeat written text messages with assistant is not working When I compose text message using Google assistant he reads back thé message when it is short but no…
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Google Assistant returns same song for "What song is this" I am trying to use the "What song is this?" feature within the Google Assistant, however, each time …
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"What's on my screen?" doesn't work! I want old "Now on Tap" feature which let's user for example copy text from screen. But when I asked… Why is assistant saying "sorry I don't understand" Hi, I rely heavily on wired headset to access my phone while it's in my pocket (motorcyclist), mostl…
0 Recommended Answers 70 Replies 63 Upvotes
0 Recommended Answers 6 Replies 0 Upvotes
Google LLC (or Assistant) keeps old information about my contacts Hello. I have a problem if I use Google LLC to call to somebody it provides new numbers as well as o…
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