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Stop Google Assistant from asking to be turned on Google Assistant is Turned OFF. I don't want to turn it on. Problem: When I hold the play button on … How do I get assistant to accept permissions? I have an LG V20 on Android 8.0. Whenever I try to use Google assistant to set a reminder it refuses…
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How do I get the full google assistant experience using an android phone? Everytime I try to ask google assistant to send a text ir make a phone call, it tells me to give it …
0 Recommended Answers 29 Replies 199 Upvotes
Nest alarm if temperature in house drops below___ I want to be alerted if my house temp on my test falls below a certain temp
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milkbasket customer care number O6294068697/=/O6289783241 milkbasket customer care number O6294068697/=/O6289783241 milkbasket customer care number O629406869… Custom hotword to trigger assistant Can I change hotword for assistant cause hey Google or ok Google triggers all the Android devices ar… Personalize Very little
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Change name of the Google Assistant I have asked my Google assistant how to change her name Request for Monetize Youtube Channel Hi, Youtube Good Night, I have a Youtube Channel that meets the requirements of 1000 Subscriber and … How to turn off google assist Whenever I plug my headphones into my phone, Google assist will pop up out of no where frequently fo…
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The google assistant keeps forgetting who my mom is. I say "Ok Google, call mom at home" and the assistent says "who is your mom." and I tell it. Next time the assistant has forgotten who my mom is. just trying to get the phone to call mom.
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I used to use command to make google to open a smart plug app, it had no issue until I got updated I used to use a command 'turn on the light' to make google assistant to open a smart plug app for me…
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I created a Trivia quiz using the provided template, but I'm getting trouble in having questions? I developed an action for google based on trivia quiz by the help of editing the provided template o…
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I receive notifications about the wether in Fahrenheit on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8, but I want to be in Celsius. I checked the wether settings and it's set to Celsius, but onscreen notifications appear in Fahrenhe…
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Find contact find my contacts
0 Recommended Answers 24 Replies 471 Upvotes
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