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Why does Google assistant not automatically save screenshot to my gallary? Why Oh why Google? So dumb that it doesn't automatically save to the gallary, it doesn't even tell you that that's what… Please help me with my Assistance Speaker their are doing everything they can to sabitiouish my life I am doing what i can to getting my Google Assistance back ppl are making threats towards me and all…
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Mon IPAD n’est plus reconnu mais est remplacé par un Mac. Comment revenir à mon IPAD dans mon compte Mon IPAD n’est plus reconnu mais est remplacé par un Mac dans mon compte Google. Comment supprimer l…
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How do I change the style of assistant? The Google assistant, when I first installed it had really nice style to it.. with the Google colour…
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Is there a way of displaying a particular album or picture as a routine command? I want to create a routine that displays a picture or album as a visual prompt For example the routi…
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What is showing of me on video in the bronx new York 653 britton street 🤔 is there anything possibl I want 😫 to now if my boyfriend shearing sex video 📹 😩
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Google assistant is not getting updated My google assistant is still old version . Assistant is not getting updated .i even updated the goog…
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Why does google say I'm not sure if you were talking to me. I'll disregard what you said but let... I set up a custom voice command that should open google maps and when I say it to google but instead…
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Updated: This year
Assistant will not play my news feed. Returns search results when instructed to 'play the news' I have tried the different suggestions from Google help such as 'play the news', 'listen to the news…
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How to find my other Google account Trying to login to Google health services and need a second gmail account. Do I have to create one?
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I'd light bar in Google assistant. Now it's gone. How to reactivate? This light bar is being missing for more than a month or two now. I think I have turned on an option… Hey Google is bot available on this language Hey Google not available for this language. I am currently using English UK
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Como recuperar assistente 😳 fazer o assistente o funcionar
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Why won't my google assistant read my text messages any more? Android S20. My assistant won't read my text messages any more. She tells me I have a new message from messages t…
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New Assistant Sometime it's showing me the new assistant with light bar..but after a day it's again showing me the…
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how can open a specific URL using Google voice assistant? I created a routine that when I say "something", in the action filed, open an URL. but the problem i… I want to have google assistant use my voice as an assistant voice option not just recorded phrases From a development stance -
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