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How to get Google Assistant to answer when I say hey? How do I change Google Assistant name? Google Assistant isn't working properly, I know she should be able to greet me when I say hey Google…
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Shshhzhssysbbsbvscaraygafga Hhxhxbsysg
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Multiple 2nd gen Google Home units -- wrong one responds Hello - I have noticed (last 4 weeks) when I ask one Google Home device to do something, the alterna… Trying to get assistant to take screenshots and use them for another app. I'm a helpless Luddite and I'm trying to take a screenshot of a text I wrote and use it to text some…
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Unlock my phone Sometime I don't want to open my phone by finger, pattern or face lock 
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What are the words that Google voice screws up, but should be able to hear? I'm a musician. I play the sex. You need to have the right armature when blowing on the sex. The abo…
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Google insight speed display wrong veiwport meta tag ass an error Hi every one here I have a website built with live composer plugin, the problem is the viewport meta… Why I can't set Google assistant nickname please work on it? Update your Google Assistant I can set the nickname of Google Assistant?
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hii what is 56x56 i font know HAHAHAHAHAH
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Google Assistant responding on wrong device Why is Google Assistant answering on the wrong/other device? If I say hay Google and I only have my … google assistant taken over my phone can't do anything cant use phone assistant has taken over she just keeps talking
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Screen shot problem Everytime I ask Google assistant to take a screen shot a tab appears in front of shot I can't remove…
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Assistant Routine will not send text messages I've been trying to set up routines to send text messages, and no matter what kind of starter I choo…
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