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Updated: Yesterday
Why all of a sudden google Assistant keeps saying cant make call service not available on this devic Out of the blue Google Assistant is saying when I try and make calls from Google Assistant that this…
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Wear OS not working with Google Home controls Q Explorist HR (Gen 4), up to date, using the same Google account as my home and phone. My language … Thank you Thank s is ur
7 Replies
Will Google Assistant no longer fully unlock Android phones? I cannot get my Google Assistant to do nearly anything from the lock screen anymore. I used to be ab… It says it will call....but it doesn't I am only using Google Assistant for the first time today after I bought a Sonos Speaker. It set up … I can't seem to access my G Suite calendar using Google Assistant, even though it's in beta. This feature now works – which is fantastic – however I can't seem to make it work. I turned on sele… Google Assistant announced GSuite Integration 6 months ago and my Pixel still can't access calendar. Google Assistant announced GSuite Integration 6 months ago and my Pixel 3 still can't access my cale…
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How do I set up hands free for Google/assistant? Had hands free access from home screen by just saying "ok Google" or"Hey Google" but it doesn't seem…
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Daily Weather notification is in fahrenheit even though my settings are celcius Daily weather notification is not in Celcius no matter what I do, Changed the tile settings in the g…
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Assistant Voices option not available The option to change the assistant voice is not available on my phone under more settings / preferen… Connection with services failed So when i try to accses my advanced settings in the app i get the message "connection to the service…
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Any one elses google assistant just not as useful as before!? Literally cannot get it to do anything other than navigation. Try to use it for hands free as I have…
1 Reply
Google home requires phone unlock to turn on lights UPDATE: The matter got resolved on its own, probably by an automatic app update. After a recent upda…
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Can't link Wink to Google Home. Any ideas? Everything was working fine until last night when I went to turn off all the lights. "Looks like tha… Oppo A37 Please mere mobile mein Google Assistant chalu kar do
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I do not want Google Assistant it just keeps popping up on my screen I'm not even touching it there for it cuts off when I'm viewing on my phone it's so annoying I want to get rid of Google Assistant
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