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How do I delete Google Assistant entirely? I already tried the advice to go under settings and de-select it as the voice assistant app. I just … ok google suddenly stopped working Edit: new update that broke the voice match feature on all phones 8I have been using the "okay google" feature since I got my phone, and it's probably the most used f…
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Light confirmation issue Hi, Last year, I bought a Bose Home Speaker 500. It works very well with Google Assistant and I use …
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Samsung s8 issue with ok google, ok google wont work the next day I use a Samsung s8 (up to date) with my Cardo palktalk when out on the motorbike, i have to set ok g… My Google assistant keeps popping up and turning off my music or hanging up my phone when i have my headphones in. It keeps popping up and bugging me. Its out of control its acting like a virus. I'm trying to shut it off I want to turn off the Google Assistant. I don't want it anymore. And the instructions that come with it tell me how to turn it on! I don't want to turn it on I want to turn it off! It keeps telling me to press my home button I don't know what the hell that is. I have an Android phone I like to use my Google a lot but I don't like the assistant. Help me I tried using the instructions I received. They start out by saying find the home button but I have …
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"Adding a custom command" option is missing in Google Clock in Google Account Routine settings There's this option in regular Google Assistant Routine ("Ok Google, show my routines") But in Googl… Launch maps google by assistant google, when screen locked Hello How can I launch the application google maps on the locked screen through the google assistant…
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I want to PERMANENTLY REMOVE GOOGLE ASSISTANT!It keeps popping up AFTER it has already been disabled I want to PERMANENTLY REMOVE GOOGLE ASSISTANT! It keeps popping up AFTER it has already been disable… Google se Hindi me kaise baat kare Google se Hindi me kaise baat kare
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