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Android Driving Mode won't turn off Hi, every time I start my car, the assistant starts the drive mode on my phone screen. I don't want … Trusted voice unlock on pixel 4a I'm trying to use the Google assistant with my voice but it requires me to manually unlock the phone…
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Routine plays on my google home but there is no routine set up. Hi all! I had a routine set up but have since deleted it. However it still plays at the scheduled ti…
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Relaxing sounds won't stop: "Nothing is playing right now" My wife and I have a google home mini in our bedroom, and often ask it to play relaxing sounds for u… Driving mode landscape option I normally use Android auto in landscape mode. I just receiving the prompt to use Assistant in drivi… Personal results can't be turned off My wife and I used to be able to add items to a shared shopping list. Now it's forcing personal resu…
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How to set the time in google assistant when I ask what the time is is gives me the correct time. When I say hey google good morning it is o…
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Google Routines missing in Google Home app Reboot phone. Update app. I can’t find the routines so there’s no way to add or edit my current rout… When saying ok google to my phone assistant no longer bleep bloops but plays a note sound Since the middle of last week my assistant on my phone has stopped making the standard "uh-huh" blee…
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