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Why are relationships so hard for Google? 0 Recommended Answers 26 Replies 54 Upvotes
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Last edited 10/6/18
OK Google - Call Mom.
'Who is your Mom'?
I tell it [mom-name]
It asks me if I want to remember [mom-name] as Mom. I answer 'Yes'. 

OK Google. Call Mom.
It then says: 'Is that [mom-name] mobile?' - if I answer 'Yes', it will call.
If I say OK Google. Call Mom mobile. It goes back to 'Who is your Mom?' and we have to go through that whole setup process again.
So, there is no way to 'Call Mom' and have it call without answering more questions!

Then, I say 'OK Google. Who is my Mom?' and it says 'I don't know that yet, what's your mother's name?'
And I tell it, and it says 'I'll remember that.'

OK Google.  Call Mom.  
Who is your Mom?
"Sorry, say the name of your contact or say cancel"
Since I'm having trouble finding this person, go ahead and pick a contact on your screen.
it doesn't remember.

OK Google.
Who is my mom?
"You told me that your mother's name is [mom-name]"
Call Mom.
"Who is your Mom?"
"Sorry. Say the name of the contact or say cancel"
 I didn't catch that. Tell me just the first name"
"Since I'm having trouble understanding, you might want to try when it's safe to use your screen"
OK Google. Who is my Mom?
"You told me that your mother's name is [mom-name]"
Call her.
"Who is your Mom?"

absolutely ridiculous.
(After trying to get the ability to remember/dial my mother - it's impossible now - it knows who my mother is, but now, always, asks who is your Mom, if with screen off, in the cycle of name/again/first name only, having trouble; with screen on, asks name, again, first name only, select on the screen, it has a check mark to remember, can dial that 1 time, but never again without repeating the whole process.)
So, I tried 'Dial my sister'. 
"Who is your sister?"
It remembers sister and dials.
Try again -
OK Google / Dial my sister.
"Is that [sister-name]"?
then it dials, so there is no way to have it dial a relationship name without it confirming the real name - so what's the point of having this feature that doesn't always work even in this half-baked manner?

Also see
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Are you aware you can note your relationship to someone in your contact list. After a relationship is added, you can call, text, or email the person using their nickname.
Note: This feature is only available for Android devices with the Google app language set to English.
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Of course I'm aware and I'm posting because it doesn't work. i follow the instructions:
Google Assistant, tap the microphone, say
[mom_name] is my mom.
it says, ok, I'll remember that.
then i say, "call my mom" or "text my mom", and it responds asking 'who is your mom?', and despite transcribing the name exactly right, can't match, i can finally pick it from contacts, have it remembered, only to repeat the insanity all over.
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I have on plus 6t facing same issue. Teaching assistant to remember relationship yet again it forget
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I have the same issue and have had it since the phone (Pixel 2) was new a year ago. Someone please help! This is driving me batty.
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I have the same issue. It only works for one of my sister's. I have 2 sister's Stephanie and Amanda. I asked Google to remember them as my sister's and edit their contact to add sister as a relationship. So, now I ask Google, ok Google text my sister , it only gives me Amanda.  Yes my language is set to English and yes I know how to set up relationships in contacts. I don't understand why can't it give me both options. If I say ok Google, call my sister, it should ask me which sister? Stephanie or Amanda.
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I also have the same damn issue. Drives me nuts....makes me so mad
Last edited 1/17/19
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Is anyone from Google looking at this?
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Same issue on a pixel 3.
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Well,  I hate to say it but: ME TOO !

My Google Assistant keeps on forgetting who my wife is, who my mum is, who my brother is.

Every few days,  it will just pop a "who is your wife" despite having configured the relationship many ways, including in contacts.  Also have said "yes" when confirming to set "Person name as your wife?"  many many times.

I'm running a Pixel XL,  stock Android 9.0 with February 2019 update.   This has happened since long time ago... it happens usually when I ask my phone, by voice, to dial my wife or my mum, while on the car.   So, almost every time I get home,  the least thing I remember is to look again into this.

This  relationships thing is flawed Google, please fix it !
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Still happens with Android 10 on my Oneplus 7T Pro.
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