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Hi everyone!

Following up from last month's Google Home update on the Nest forum (details below and here), I'm delighted to let you know that turning off your lights without hearing from Google Assistant is also available on Assistant-enabled Smart Displays and Speakers.

Anyone who has a Google Home and smart lights knows the drill:
You, about to fall asleep: “Ok Google, turn off the bedroom lights”.
Google Home responds, a bit louder than you’d like: “Ok, turning off 2 lights”. 
You, now wide awake, but at least the lights are off. 
Well, we heard you, and we listened. Now, if your Google Home or Nest Hub device is in the same room as your smart home lights, instead of responding with, “Ok, turning off 2 lights” it will simply ‘chime’  to let you know it’s turning off the lights. 

This change will not only work for lights, but also for switches and plugs which are identified as lights. For example, if your desk lamp is connected to a smart plug called “desk lamp” then this new feature will apply; but, if the plug is just called “desk” the Assistant will give a full response. This will also apply to all of the light commands you’ve gotten used to, like  increasing the brightness, dimming the lights and much more. 

Chris M - Assistant Community Manager
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Awesome . . .
How about when the hub is in ambient mode and asked to do any lighting effects the screen stays in ambient mode and not switch over to the bright white mode of the light switch?
Real world example; mid-evening, room lighting is dimmed for relaxing and to the level that the hub registers it to go to ambient screen. I'm ready to go to bed/sleep and ask Google to turn off the lights. All the sudden the room is flooded with light from the hub, night vision is gone, a pleasant tone sounds and my dimmed smart light goes out then two seconds later the hub dims back down. Not quite the smooth user experience.
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@Terry Leach
Please repost your issue as a new topic at
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What should we do for the same
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I need help
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The google assistant mentaly disturbing me very badly. The google assistant application is automatically pop up in every 30 second with a massege that show your google assistant is ready you need any help. When I turn off the google assistant it again popup in every 30 second that your google assistant is turn off please turn it on. This application was draging my phone battery very fast. This application also disturb my family life in the night it automatically popup in every 30 second with the same massege. Please resolve my problem. I donn't want to use this application.
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this google assistant always show up when i use earphone which is so annoying, please remove this stupid spy asap!
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How should I start it
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Stays in December
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Set voice unlock code for may mobile
Gest now
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