Understand action suggestions

What are action suggestions?

When you use the Google Assistant, you may get action suggestions that you can select to perform an action or learn more about the response. Action suggestions create a more personalized, helpful experience. The suggestions can appear on different devices, like your phone, TV, or Smart Display, and can appear during different Google Assistant interactions.

How action suggestions are created

To create a more personalized experience, action suggestions use information that we collect when you use our services, such as:

  • Questions you’ve previously asked Google Assistant
  • Event you’ve created in Google Calendar

For example: If you ask Google Assistant about finding an outdoor restaurant it may suggest you ask about the weather at your destination.

Action suggestions are also based on popular questions related to what you’ve asked.

What are personalized action suggestions?

When you use your Android phone, Google Assistant can send notifications with personalized feature suggestions to help improve your experience.
You can recognize these personalized feature suggestions with a header in the notification that says “Assistant · Suggested for you.”

How personalized action suggestions work

To identify features that you might like based on permissions you provided, Google Assistant may use the following information from you:
  • Past Assistant interactions and settings
  • Location History
  • Android app use
  • Activity in other Google products

 Control the action suggestions you get

You can influence which action suggestions you get when you delete past activity or turn personal results on or off. You can also control what activity gets saved to your Google account when you adjust your Activity controls.

Visit Google’s Safety Center to learn more about collected data, how it’s used, and how to control your privacy settings.

Turn off Web & App Activity
If you don't want feature suggestions from Google Assistant on Android based on your Web and App activity, you can turn off Web & App Activity.
Turn off personal results
If you turn off notifications for Google Assistant Personal Results on your device, you won’t receive notifications about personalized feature recommendations on that device.
Turn off location history
Some personalized suggestions use information from your Location History, such as “Play Music.” If you commute, Play Music uses your location history and sends a personalized suggestion to play music before you start your daily journey.
If you don’t want personalized suggestions to include your location history, you can turn off Location History.
To turn off location history:
  1. Go to the "Location History" section of your Google Account.
  2. Choose whether your account or your devices can report Location History to Google.
    • Your account and all devices: At the top, turn Location History on or off.
    • Only a certain device: Under "This device" or "Devices on this account," turn the device on or off.
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